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Bespoke consultancy for
artists and bands

Image: Lady Nade





Stevie has many years of experience helping artists to be export ready, tour ready, and album release ready as well as organising songwriting workshops and community projects. She has over 12 years' live music, club night, events and retail experience: 12 years' leading small to medium-size event teams; 5 years curating and organising a multi-venue urban festival, including leading the teams curating and organising a 3-day conference; the UK Americana Awards (AMA-UK); running a members association for musicians in the Americana genre since 2014. She also has experience as owner of an independent record store and record label.


"Stevie has done a great job pulling the disparate Americana UK community together. She always puts the artists at the heart of everything she does."

Billy Bragg

“Stevie's commitment to the growth of Americana music in the UK and her support of artists both up and coming as well as established is unparalleled. Her energy and enthusiasm for what she does is boundless."

Baylen Leonard  - Artistic director The Long Road Festival, Radio DJ

“Stevie works absolutely tirelessly and too often unnoticed to create opportunities and a platform for artists to gain an audience and acknowledgement. She’s been joining the dots and creating a community and she’s shining a light on it and shouting it to the rooftops. She deserves our applause.”

Danny Wilson – Singer/Songwriter

“I am a massive Stevie Smith fan. She is a true lover of music and a dedicated supporter of great artists, be they famous or unknown. She  is a prominent and indispensable force for good in the International Americana music community.”

Bob Harris OBE

“Stevie Smith typifies 'Women in Music', she is a constant force and voice for woman, and their art, in the Americana world and beyond.”

Robert Vincent – Singer/Songwriter


“Stevie’s passion and dedication to the Americana music community is quite astonishing and beautiful. She is bravely making real positive changes for the community and genre giving artists, like myself, the opportunity to benefit directly.”

Danni Nicholls – Singer/Songwriter

“Stevie is a motivator who has played a huge role in bringing together all the waifs and strays on the alt-country/folk UK scene who previously didn't have such a sense of community or belonging."

Emily Barker – Singer/Songwriter


All I Want provides bespoke consultancy for artists and bands at all stages of their careers. 

All I Want will tailor consultancy packages to meet the individual needs of artists and bands.

  • All I want is… image consultancy

  • All I want is… help with my release campaign

  • All I want is… guidance focusing my future plan

  • All I want is...

About Stevie
Case Studies


Dave Giles had a 90Minute session and have now planned a one month session leading up to the next album.

“I’ve been doing this for years, and I’ve been DIY for so long that it really is hard for me to sometimes see a bigger picture or think outside of my bubble. My first full consultancy with Stevie was fascinating. Here is someone with a real understanding of both the industry and marketing and who very quickly could analyse what I do, why I do it and what is important to me. For someone who is fiercely independent, this was a big deal. Stevie didn’t want to erase what was unique to me but she wanted to help me fulfil the potential that the those unique things can open up. I’ve now got a lot of things to think about as I go into my next project and some immediate action points. I will most definitely be taking advantage of the other services which Stevie offers through the All I Want Agency. It’s such a great concept for an artist like myself to be able to get exactly what I need from one place at a price which is both reasonable and fair. I can see this being useful not only for artists but also managers of artists who want some honest opinions on their rosters and ideas on how to plan for those acts. There are of course no rules in this industry, but Stevie understands both the old methods and the newer ways of working. One session in and I can’t wait for more.”


Dave Giles June 2020

Will Page came to Stevie a few years ago to talk about how to move to the next level, successfully making a living being booked to play in pubs was not enough for this talented band - together we worked out a plan based on the best case scenario ‘dreams’ and what we could achieve in reality.  It's fair to say a couple of the dreams came true within a year through a combination of good planning, hard work and determination.

"Navigating the music industry from scratch can be overwhelming; so many pieces to the puzzle, and where do you start? From the beginning, Stevie was instrumental in helping me pursue my dream as a full time touring musician, as her experience helped guide key decisions and her contacts opened doors which I just couldn’t open myself at the time when starting out. Now, a few years on, Stevie is still as important to my team as she was at the start, and her own entrepreneurial sucess within the industry means she has her ear to the ground and continues to develop knowledge and influence. Stevie is passionate about the artists she works with, and you want her in your corner because she will fight for you! I should add, she is also super caring and a great listener, and really is like family within my team."

Will Page - Noble Jacks

Lady Nade had a 90 minute session as she has an album coming out early next year - Lady Nade wanted direction on pulling all her ideas together into a plan for the release.  We now have a second follow up session booked to consolidate after analysing the feedback 



"I had a very enjoyable and in-depth session and was super impressed with how much was achieved during a 1.5-hour session.

I appreciate being given the freedom to talk about my creative values and journey of my music so far, and the fragments and blocks I’ve been experiencing trying to create consistency. 

I appreciated how conversations about finding a unique clothing style, one I could keep consistent, led and fed into the future of marketing and distributing my new album material, my website and future plans and how other aspects such as a booking agent and music lawyer can play important key factors as a whole to where I feel I’m at, the cusp of my career. 


I feel I’ve got a great sense of how to focus my time over the next 6 months and be realistic about making achievable goals bringing the trilogy of my work together but not taking to much on so that I burn out.

I like how my mental and physical health were considered in feedback. and I very much appreciated the session follow up lesson notes, making me feel further heard and supported. 

I enjoyed the comfort of knowing your experience background to promoting, running a record shop and professional development shared in a most modest yet reliable nature., with advice being carefully constructive and not too harshly critical leaving me feeling really confident and lifted.  rather than for example saying ‘you don’t wanna do this, you don’t wanna do that’  more — what promoters find easy is this… you could mix up colours by using belts in this way etc. "


Lady Nade, June 2020



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